Colors of Birch is inspired by opposites. Colors of birch - black and white. New technology meets old ideology to create products on demand. THese opposites are the starting point to create aesthetically beautiful pieces; just for you.

Colors of Birch is a high quality fashion brand. We are focused on wearable products such as jewelry and eyewear. All products are made with 3d-printing. Designed in Finland, printed in EU.

In future materials we trust.

This futuristic material is also know as Nylon, but made in totally new way. Robots with laser guns - also known as 3D printers - shoots the powder with lasers to melt every layer in wanted beautiful shapes.

Eco-friendly super-duper plastic that is biodegradable. Yes! this plastic is really made from corn, so once fashion goes off or you accidentally hit it with the hammer and brake it, you can throw it into bio garbage. Actual name for this wonder is PLA and no, it's not interesting where the actual name comes from.

Digital wood is biodegradable miracle material straight from the forest. Basically it shows you the best way how to digitize the nature. This digital wood is a bit corny pine, a mixture of pine tree and corn based PLA plastic. Once your roads apart with your precious jewelry, it's time to go back into nature. Simply drop it into bio trash like you've never met.